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N-Sn Tin Plating

Tin Plating

Tin plating of Nishihara Rikoh is effective in preventing oxidation, thereby can secure soldering to improve performance of electronic components.

Plating on aluminum

By establishing mass production system and quality assurance process, we create a stable line supply of hoop aluminum material, which requires both lightweight and long-term reliability.

Plating on aluminum

Examples of solutions


Here are some solution examples offered by Nishihara Rikoh.

  • N-Sn plating
  • N-Ni plating
  • A wide range of plating + slitting
  • Spot Ag plating
  • Partial plating
N-Sn plating

N-Sn plating

We enable secure soldering with effective plating film anti-oxidation for improved electronic component performance.

N-Ni plating

N-Ni plating

Ni plating developed alongside the customer enables optimal products and technology for conductive parts requiring long term reliability.

A wide range of plating + slitting

A wide range of plating + slitting

Carrying out slitting on plated coil enables a stable supply of high-quality plating materials at the appropriate quantity and appropriate price.

Spot Ag plating

Spot Ag plating

The highly-detailed spot plating process reduces material loss and improves productivity of the post-process.

Partial plating

Partial plating

Control of the plating area improves the strength of solder connection and optimizes the electronic component production process.

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Here is the company profile of Nishihara Rikoh.

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